Cosmic Productions was first formed in 2003 to shoot a short film called “The COSMIC SNAG”, a 10 minute comedy.
It was shot on a low budget of $4000 and was shown at the Mercury Cinema as part of the "Zoom" shorts film festival in 2004, and at the Marion Cultural Centre some time much later. Unfortunately the sound cord was missing on the first day of the shoot and the sound guys who'd been lined up at the last moment couldn’t be there for the whole shoot so we shot the sound through the camera. It came out okay in the edit, except for low volume.

Oct 2008 was the beginning of the development of the concept of doing a TV series called “Players”, during which a number of one hour long commercial episodes has been written for the series.

In December 2011 the production team produced the 3 minute trailer of "Players", which you can check out by clicking here

The wishlist is to produce this TV series here in Adelaide, South Australia, using local actors and crew.

An Adelaide (South Australian) based independent film & TV production company


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